The town of ‘Easter wheels’. The traditional Osterräderlauf, the ‘run of the Easter wheels’, is omnipresent in this picturesque town by the Emmer river. On the evening of Easter Sunday, as soon as the oaken wheels are set aflame to roll down the hill, countless visitors from far and wide come to view the fiery spectacle. But Lügde has more to offer than its Easter tradition.

The town is popular for its historic old town with beautifully restored half-timbered houses, a medieval rampart and two remaining fortified towers. One of the oldest houses of Lügde is home to the Lügde museum of local history.
Another historically significant site that is thoroughly worth seeing: the Romanesque Church of St Kilian, built in the 12th century and one of the oldest churches in Germany.

The Emmerauenpark, which opened its gates in 2011, is a popular destination for day trips. It offers a beautiful park landscape, adventure playground and beer garden – a perfect place for leisure and relaxation for young and old alike. For a particular highlight, head to the “Emmer Beach” in the north of the park.

Children and adults will love the stork colony in Elbrinxen; from there, take a short walk to marvel at the impressive, 1000-year-old lime tree. This natural monument boasts a girth of twelve metres.

The almost completely preserved, late-medieval monastery grounds in Falkenhagen are always worth a visit. Located at the foot of the Köterberg, the former monastery of Cistercian nuns shaped the ecclesiastical life of the southeast of Lippe for centuries.

For the possibly greatest panoramic view of the Weser Uplands, climb the highest elevation of the Lippe Uplands: the Köterberg. From an altitude of 496 metres, a vista of more than 60 towns stretches below you.

All around Lügde, countless cycling and hiking paths beckon you to enjoy an excursion into nature. They include the particularly popular themed routes: the Lügde mythological path, the nature discovery trail at the Schildberg and the ‘BlickWinkel’ hiking trail.

On this page you will find information about the history of Lügde.

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